Leaving on a jet plane...

This Sunday in the wee small hours Justine (my co-owner and design partner in Hale Van Traa) and I take off for Hong Kong ,via Sydney, on our bi-annual fabric pilgrimage.  For a couple of fashion obsessed girls the fabric markets of the east are like heaven on earth.  We are just itching to get there and immerse ourselves in the oceans of colour, print and texture.  Of course leaving this terrible weather behind us for 30 plus degrees is also a big part of the attraction. 

Once there we tend to lose all track of time and will often spend 8 or 9 hours at a stretch pouring over samples in the search for the perfect materials - only coming up for air, food and the best fragrant teas I have ever tasted. This goes on for days and we never tire of it.  Thankfully now that we have been a few times we are also brave enough to eat with the locals. Western food is hard to find in the markets and now that we have discovered it, real Chinese food is the way to go and is best eaten in the company of the beautiful Chinese people! 

Poor us, what a terrible job we have!
See you soon -about 10 days I think.