When Goodness Came to Town

GOODNESS (good-niss) -noun the best part of anything; essence; strength; the best part of quality

Opening a second store wasnt really in the plan for Goodness this year but when I spotted the 'for lease' sign in the window of number 19 College Street, a seed was planted. It was time to bring some Goodness and of course Hale Van Traa to town and this was the perfect location and space to begin the next chapter in the Goodness story. Because I am naturally very impulsive I wanted to sign up there and then, but as it was just days before Christmas and everything was closing down, I had to wait and dream, Im not good at waiting but dreaming I can do.
Oh the beautiful frocks, shoes and accessories we would fill this new store with....

Anyway, we are ten or so weeks down the track and all the signing, dreaming and designing has been done. The new collections have been selected and I just cant wait to begin the next part of the journey and share this experience with my good friends, those customers without whom there is no Goodness.

We are hoping, fingers crossed, to be open early April, keep watching this space!
All the best