The Solution

Hil Cook: Shes a local girl with an International career as a film and television make up artist and now to add to her impressive list of achievements she has invented the soon to be world famous Solution Buds. They are cotton buds filled with makeup remover so you can correct panda eyes and makeup smudges caused by mascara and eye shadow in an instant.  So clean, so easy and no need to re-apply smeared makeup.   Why didn't I think of this? I can hear you thinking. 

Hil originally made them for her make-up artists to use on high definition tv and movie projects, but soon realised she was on to an absolute winner and I couldn’t agree more.  Im such a fan I asked Hil if we could have them to sell at Goodness and she said 'yes'  So... you can now purchase your Solution Buds at Goodness for just $12.95.