The Gorgeous Giovanna

Justine, my lovely friend and sometimes Saturday Goodness girl, and I have developed a serious girl crush on Giovanna Battaglia. She is the incredibly stylish 28 year old fashion editior of L'oumo Vogue, Vanity Fair and various other Vogue publications. A former model she was also for a time the Dolce and Gabbana house model.

Just and I are both guilty of trawling through the online fashion pages for the latest 'Giovanna look' and will often have long and indepth discussions on what she is wearing in a particular shot.

I know, I know - get a life.

Giovanna has the enviable ability to accessorise perfectly and create looks that are unique and completely her own. While im not sure how I feel about the real furs she often wears, you have to admit she wears them well and they do look fantastic.

I can only imagine all of the amazing peices that must come across her desk as the fashion editor of such iconic fashion mags, Im sure she gets to take most of them home too. Her shoe, boot and handbag collection must be outstanding.