Thanks for the Memories Lauren!

We were looking through the latest, and last edition of Wellington Woman this week and just had to write a heart-felt post to farewell our great friend Lauren Mann.

Lauren took over Wellington Woman and crafted it to be an international, but truly local lifestyle publication, that gave the women of our city a place where they could be acknowledged and celebrated for their talents.

For the last 20 editions, Lauren has done her best to reverse the trend of globalisation and to be a champion for local community, friendship and family. Along the way she featured our Goodness brand and we're grateful for her support.

Her own personal journey now takes her offshore and as a result, this lovely publication will cease, but no regrets - Lauren you're an amazing talent and we'll be watching you with pride and hoping your star will continue to shine wherever you end up.

Farewell and all the very, very best from all of us at Goodness!