STAMPED - hand printed, the traditional way

Stamped Blush Floral
STAMPED, the shirt dress you will spend your summer in....... IN STORE NOW AT COLLEGE ST AND ONLINE
Stamped is a contemporary label, manufactured in the ancient craft traditions, and is part of a conversation about maintaining these traditions in a way that is sustainable.
Made from the finest Indian cotton each garment is printed by hand using wooden blocks and tailored for the perfect shape on the body.
Designer, Sam Millward, now living in Wellington, lived and worked in India for 6 years and was the Director of the craft based Retail Company, Anokhi - her role meant that she worked extensively with the local craftspeople and during her time in India she opened 20 retail stores for the company.  Sam knows her product inside and out -from design concept to the final stitch.

The wooden printing blocks are all hand carved from a drawing and a repeat worked out in the pattern.

Then the fabric is printed in 5 metre lengths. Each dress takes 2.5 metres, so there may be variances depending on the weather and the printer. But this will be difficult to tell, which is the sign of a very good printer.

Gitto, Sams printer, is one of India’s leading print makers. She features in books on Hand Block printing and works with leading designers across the world.

The dresses are printed and sewn in Jaipur, in Rajasthan, India in good working condition by well paid happy crafts people.

Stamped does a small amount of printing per season and therefore each print is available in limited amounts.  They have already been washed and shrunk.

We know you're going to love this very special product.  Nothing is easier or more stylish than a shirt dress in summer.

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