Kowtow - 10.000 Hours - now instore!

[caption id="attachment_1310" align="aligncenter" width="200"]One of the Kowtow 10.000 Hours Collection Kowtow 10.000 Hours[/caption] We love Kowtow and their considered, intellectual approach to design and fashion. Their latest collection is a case-in-point, named 10.000 Hours - based on the theory that it takes ten thousand hours to become a master in any discipline - this inspiration runs through the collection with themes of repetition, timelessness and concentration. Kowtow's 10.000 Hours collection has design elements from utilitarian clothing, work and sportswear, referencing a Japanese aesthetic to bring a feeling of elegance and effortlessness to the range. Its colour palette itself draws from functional garments with highly wearable monochrome hues, navy and cool grey contrasting with a bold rust red, and textures including, sleek jersey, crisp twill, geometric panels and fine pleats. This wonderful intellectual approach extends to Kowtow prints as well - using inspirations such as a traditional Chinese puzzle as a starting point, a meditative 'Going in Circles' print refers to counting time, while the Coat of Arms is a take on varsity codes and school uniforms. The Kowtow collection drops into the Goodness stores throughout the season - we've got our first drop now, so come in and see why this has become a cult label for so many of our regular customers. We can't wait to show you!