Accessories and knowing when less is more !

Too much!

Im not sure where I read or heard this great piece of advice but I stick to this principle rigidly and I'd like to think I get it right at least some of the time:

Accessories can make or break an outfit so tomorrow morning after dressing  if you're not feeling a 100% certain on your accessory choices, including shoes and handbags, try this.  Put yourself in front of a  full length mirror  - for me this means climbing on to a coffee table because the largest mirror in our house is actually hung behind a couch which means having to get off the ground to be able to see from my neck to my shoes - must buy full length mirror and practice what I preach! -  if your eye is immediately drawn to a particular item this is usually the thing you should take off.  Repeat the final inspection and if anything else is still offending you, remove it also.  Now you should be good to go, confident in  knowing that you are  well edited in the accessory department. 

just right!

 Hope you have a fabulously well accessorised day.