Fashion Week 2010

Kicking off Fashion Week this year is Wellingtons very own Starfish.   Im so disappointed I will miss this show, I couldnt get a flight to be there in time.  Laurie and her team always do a fantastic job on the runway and I for one love her dedication and determination to produce high quality eco-friendly fashion.  Starfish Summer 2010/2011 is instore now at Goodness Petone.

I will however be in the front row for the Andrea Moore show, another of our fabulous designer labels here at Goodness, at 1.30pm tomorrow and I read in the paper today that her goody bags contain some very generous treats.  Lovely, cant wait to see her collection or to see whats in the bag. 

Now Im showing off a bit:  Below is an article from the latest Apparel Magazine and I was very very honoured to be asked to contribute as one of the 'Key Buyers' at FW this year.  Apparently this issue will be in the goody bags at all of the shows, eeek! thank goodness for my friend and very clever photographer Willy Davenport for the very flattering photo, having my picture taken is one of my least favourite things to do.

Because Im not very organised and and usual Im rushing out the door to be somewhere that I should have been 5 minutes ago, I didnt have time to work out how to shrink the scanned image but you'll get the idea, even if you cant read all of it.  Double click on the image to enlarge it (hopefully).

Have a fab week

Chris x