Oyl - In a Glass Darkly.

Posted on February 14 2010

"Romantic gothic horror was a literary genre that became popular during the late 1800s. Usually set in crumbling haunted castles or on misty, remote moors; the revival period novels pitted dashing heroes and persecuted maidens against all manner of supernatural creatures. The pursuit of a virtuous and naive (and usually poetically inclined) young woman by a villain was a strong theme in such stories; in early works the maiden would respond to danger with passive courage, but later heroines become progressively worldly wise, able to be active and effective in attempts to thwart evil. These two diametrically opposite female caricatures’ within the romantic gothic genre are captured in the winter 2010 collection from Oyl - In a Glass Darkly. The pious maiden is present in the flowing chiffon dresses, skirts or voluminous shirts with feminine detailing such as embroidered flowers, bows, ruffles and Victorian style lace; while decadent amounts of fabric are used in a black-on-black-on-black-on-black orgy of textures and shapes to symbolize the vampish femme fatale. “We wanted to create a range that epitomised the rich colours and organic processes that this collection is all about,” says co-designer Vicki Reid. “We’ve also created depth and vintage opulence by highlighting detail and texture with handpainted effects,” says co-designer Nicola Screen. “The stitching and hand dyed fabrics are in Oyl’s signature colours of oil, smoke and mist,” she says. The pair have also created a limited edition series of Oyl bags and pouchettes from hand manipulated leather. So fall under the spell of goth style with a romantic twist this winter, with Oyl."


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